Movie Night is the 5th Episode in the Fanon Series, and is the 5th Episode overall.


The Pets go on the Red Carpet to see a Romantic Movie

Voice CastEdit

Andrew Francis- Russell Ferguson

Tabetha St. Geriman- Zoe Trent

Jason Derulo- Vinnie Terrio

Andrea Libman- Penny Ling and Minka Mark

Kunil Nayyer- Sunil Nevla

EG Daily- Pepper Clark

Hannah Kesterson- Blythe Baxter

Blythe's OutfitEdit

Blythe is wearing a Leopard Print Tanktop, a Blue Jean Jacket, Black Shorts, and her hair is pulled up in Braided Pigtails.

Pets OutfitsEdit

Zoe- Zoe is wearing a Blue Dress, Big Golden Earrings, Golden Necklace, a Diamond Barrette, and her hair is in a Wavy Design.

Russell- Russell is wearing a Black Tux and a Red Tie.

Penny- Penny Ling is wearing a Long Pink Dress, a White Boa, and a Rose behind her Ear.

Sunil- Sunil is wearing his Magic Cape and Magic Hat (because Blythe thought about him doing his Magic Tricks).

Vinnie- Vinnie is wearing a White Tux, a Red Tie, and a White Top Hat.

Minka- Minka is wearing a Sparkly Pink Dress and her hair is Styled like the Fancy 1940's.

Pepper- Pepper is wearing Orange Glitter Eyeshadow and a Red Clown Nose.

Major Roles









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