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Peppers Christmas Adventures The Movie 2017


Pepper And Friends Christmas Santa Vinnie

Voice CastEdit

Colin Murdock as Vinnie Terrio

Brian Drummond as Sunil Nevla

Lee Tockar as Russell Ferguson

Tabitha St Germain as Pepper Clark, Zoe Trent, Minka Mark and Penny Ling


It was a Morning in the Pet Shop, Sunil (Brian Drummond). Sunil was confused while the other Pets were admiring The Tree. Vinnie Terrio (Colin Murdock) said he really liked the Dancing Shoes. Penny Ling (Tabitha St. Gerime) really thinks that a Ribbon would look Fancy on the Tree. Pepper Clark (Tabitha St. Gerime) said the Masks of Drama and Plays looked just like her style. Zoe Trent (Tabitha St. Gerime) loves the Microphone on the Tree. And Minka Mark (also voiced by Tabitha St Gerime) said the Tree was the coolest. Sunil wondered where his Ornament was at, Sunil started to get Jealous. Blythe asked him what was wrong, Sunil replied that he was Jealous that he didn't have a Ornament. Blythe told him to not be Jealous

Pepper's OutfitEdit

Pepper Was Wearing And Red Pudding Shoes Red Christmas Hat Clowns Nose Glasses


1. Christmas Tree Put It Sign Up

2. Blythes Christmas Day Power Games

3. Pepper Rodeo Judgment

4. Penny And Minka Painting Welcome To Sega Rally

5. Vinnie And Zoe Tea Around A Letter

6. Sunil And Russell Magic Fanfare

7. End Of Summer End Road Of Monaco

8. Beginning Of Full Game Over Yeah

9. Peppers Driving Reckless Running

10. Peppers Comedy Show Conditioned Reflex

11. Peppers Building New Home Desert Land

12. Peppers Obstacle Course Getting Muddy

13. Santa Vinnie Ignition

14. Credits My Dear Friend Rally

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